Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Personalized Bracelets - Close At Heart

I signed up for a giveaway on FB just hoping to win something fun. I was excited when I read an email saying I won a personalized bracelet of my choice! Anyone who knows me knows I love pink. So I picked pink crystals with a LOVE charm and sent a photo to use. Jessica was great to work with! After I sent her our photo, she sent me several different background colors to choose from. Once the decisions were made the only thing I had left to do was wait. My bracelet arrived a lot sooner than I expected and I LOVE it! My husband was able to see it before he left too.

 If anyone is looking for a beautiful, personalized gift I'd tell you to check out Close To Heart by Jessica or look her up on Facebook. You can choose from bracelets, necklaces, charms and more. You pick everything out and Jessica makes it for you. I can tell you that you won't be disappointed! Thank you, Jessica!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Army Pride

I've been receiving a TON of compliments on my purse so I figured I should repost this for anyone who missed it the first time. There are several styles of purses/bags that you can choose from. I chose this one because I knew it would be used as a purse and diaper bag all in one. Because of this I splurged and went for the large size. I can't tell you how much I love it!! The best part? I have a piece of my husband with me at all times...I love it!

Click here to order your Hero On My Arm bag

If you don't have a uniform top available to send in, you can choose to use one they have in stock for an additional price. They have seeveral different styles and sizes you can choose from. You can also choose your interior color/pattern, accessories and more. Don't need a purse? They have several other items you can purchase such as wallets, teddy bears and keychains. (They also have a summer special going on right now with their keychains.) I know Christmas is still several months away, but these purses would make a wonderful gift for any military spouse or mother.

Soldier Comin' Home Video

There is a website,, where people can upload videos of when their loved ones came home. They're going to feature them on the website and then pick their favorite 10 and add them to a music video that will air on music channels like GAC and CMT. Whoever has the favorite video will win a trip to Nashville to be on TV when the video premiers on GAC.

The video is for a song called "Soldier Comin' Home" by Jamie O'Neal. It is on a CD they put out called My Country Smash Hits 2. The CD benefits The Fisher House, which provides housing for wounded and ill service members families so they can stay near their loved ones while they're recovering.

Good luck to everyone that enters!

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Beginning of a New Chapter

A LOT has been going on lately. Just a week after we said our good-byes to daddy we received an offer on our house! As soon as I received the phone that we had an offer my eye started twitching. It was twitching on and off for over a week. I'm excited that we've sold our house, but that meant trying to find an apartment, a storage unit, a moving company, etc. We found an apartment the next week which has made my eye twitching stop. Finally.

We'll be closing in about 3 1/2 weeks so I've been trying to pack up what we can. I still need to find a storage unit and some muscles to help me move metal shelving and garage stuff. I still need to call a moving company too, but for some reason I keep putting it off until tomorrow. I better make some phone calls this weekend and get the ball rolling.

Now that I think about it, it's pretty convenient for my husband to be deployment during this whole thing. He doesn't have to search for apts., pack, load, move and unpack. Don't get me wrong though, I wouldn't want to trade places. I can barely stand it outside when it's 80+ degrees out, let alone over 120 degrees.

Our boys have been handling everything nicely so far. They have no idea that there are more changes ahead of them though. They know we sold our house and will be moving to an apt., but I don't think they understand the concept. Poor things...first daddy leaves to help people and  now we're taking them out of the only house they've known and moving into a new place. I know they'll do great, but I still worry about them.