Thursday, February 16, 2012

Things Are Different

There are so many things that are different this year. First, the deployment. That in itself is a HUGE change. Second, we sold our house and moved into an apartment. Third, this is such a strange winter. The temps. are up and the levels of snow are down. Wait...what snow? I'm not usually one for winter, but I really hope next winter acts like winter (especially since we'll be all together again).

I need to take a moment to thank our friends and family for all their support. They are all so great and definitely make life a little easier right now. I appreciate the fact that they don't treat us any differently. They help us continue our day-to-day life as if everything is normal. I guess things are normal, just a different normal.

The boys and I have been working on a list of things we want to do when daddy comes home. We have a good list going and I can't wait until we start crossing items off that list. Some of the things we have listed are going to the zoo, taking a train ride and fishing (for the boys at least). If anyone has other ideas we'd love to hear them! The longer the list the better!