Friday, May 20, 2011

Fun & fitness at the YMCA!

I'm excited to announce that I just signed up for a FREE 6 month membership at the YMCA. Families of deployed National Guard and Reserve with active duty title 10 orders are eligible with the following criteria:

*Families of Guard/Reserve personnel who are deployed for a minimum of six months.

*Deploying service members are eligible for YMCA memberships with their family for three months pre- and post- deployment.

*Families are eligible for the duration of the deployment, not to exceed 18 months (which includes service member three months pre- and post- deployment).

*Memberships are renewable in six month increments contingent upon use.

*MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL REQUIREMENT: 8 Individual Calendar Days Per Month (Either Individual or Family Members)

*Minimum length of membership is six months.

All you need to do is bring in a copy of your spouse's orders and your military ID. They help you with the rest!

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  1. Enjoy the benefits of YMCA, Good to know that Government is coming with new schemes for the family members of Military personals.