Thursday, September 15, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I'm proud to say that we're all moved and settled in at our new apartment. This place is great - unless you ask our 4 yr. old who will tell you "I don't like our new house." The first time he told me that he started crying. It broke my heart! He said he didn't like it because he didn't like having to be quiet. It is a huge adjustment considering our house is the only home he's ever known. I feel so bad that he's sad. I explained to him that it's only temporary until dad gets home and then we can build a house. Now every time he tells me he's sad we talk about what kind of house we should build.

(This is our "welcome" can outside our apartment.)

Just recently I came across a special that Tiny Prints was having. This was my chance to help make my boys a little happier. I made each of the boys their own Santa card. I was able to get one for free so I figured I would buy a second one (one for each of the boys) at full price. It was great! I personalized them, had them sent in the mail addressed to the boys themselves and the return address read: Santa Claus, North Pole. I even added a sentence from Santa: "I can't wait to bring your presents to your new apartment." My 4 yr. old LOVED it!


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  3. So glad you joined MBS! I am following you on GFC and left you a review on Alexa. It must be hard having a spouse overseas. Good luck and God Bless.

  4. Stopping by from the blog hop and noticed I was already following you thru GFC but today I did follow you on Networked Blogs. What a sweet thing you did for your little boys, especially the 4 year old. I hope this time goes by fast for you even though it makes you older it will be worth it to have it behind you. Good Luck! I would love a follow back on Networked Blogs when you get a chance. Thanks and have a great weekend!


  5. Awww...that is sad that he misses his old home. Kids adjust though. He will adjust. Give him time, there are a lot of changes going on for him. Hang in there.

    On a totally different note - I love your welcome can!

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    Here is a link to my friend's, Amanda, blog. She has 4 sons and going on deployment 4 (or is it more?). She is a great resource.

    Good Luck!

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  8. Stopped by from MBS. What a great thing you did for your kids. Thanks for sharing.